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We almost had the ultimate milf mission. we were chillin drinking some drinks whenthese 3 stewardesses start trying to talk to us. They were totally down and a littlebuzzed but as soon as i mentioned the camera they were out. So i had to go backto the drawing board. Luckily for me a bombshell milf passed by and i sat down tohear her story. I didn’t pay attention at all but i did get her to come back to thepad.

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I wanted to decorate my new condo so I called this super hot interior decorator, Brenda. As soon as she came through the door I knew we werent going to get anything done. All I wanted to do was shove my cock into her interior. I think the only decorating that took place was me putting my patented hunter pinstripe across her face.

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there goes the neighborhood. you can not put a milf like this on the same block as the hunter. i can smell a milf like this from miles away…just 100% hot aged pussy. I FUCKIN’ LOVE IT!we took her back to the milf pad and showed her what any good neighbor would, a throbbing hard cock.this milf was the BEST of all time. i mean a mom like this has an unparalleled appetite for sex and you wouldn’t believe…

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Me and my boy went out to one of my favorite MILF hot spots. I was kinda skeptical cuz I usually like to go at night time. But to my amazement there was a fine piece of MILF twat just waiting to be taken home. And take her home I did. I had to rush and bust a nut cuz it was her lunch time. Lunch was on me…actually it ended up on her…if u get my drift.

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Shes a maniac… maniac. I never thought I would love that song so much but after finally hunting down Missy I cant think of any better song to describe her. I had been basically running a gym for a MILF Ive known for years. She is actually on this site. Wonder if you can guess who it is. Anyway. She had to take care of her gym while she was away and ever since I started I scoured the database for possible conquests and came across Missy….

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Adriana has it going on. This hot MILF was doing what ladies love to do, shoe shopping. She was all ready horny being surrounded by so many shoes. Sean being the hunter that he is, just played along. We finally got her in the back, and she gave in. She was definity into feet becasue she was rubbing her silky stocking on his cock right away… Enjoy!

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