Wifey Guest – Hot Wife Rio

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I am a Brazilian housewife who really enjoys sex! I promise that each and every week you will cum over and over again while watching my very detailed and hardcore movies and pictures. My amateur sex members section has an average of 15 minutes of video’s every week starring your’s truly. My videos are the largest, highest quality and full screen videos around.

I am a real housewife who just happens to love the taste of cum. I love any and all sex positions that involve me receiving or giving oral to my husband. Whether I am blowing, sucking, licking, biting, or using my tongue to trace the outline of his magnificent cock I always get wet when I think of all of you watching me and stroking your hard cock’s. I love to walk around the house naked, wear beautiful and sexy things: tiny bikini’s, silk stockings, short skirts, little panties, high heels, and pantyhose.

Dylan Ryder on MILF Hunter!

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milf hunter Dylan Ryder on MILF Hunter!

MILF Hunter is the best site on the internet for watching sexy moms getting fucked! In this episode Dylan Ryder pulls out her big tits and puffy lips for some action. These big tits get fucked by the MILF Hunter before she starts sucking his dick. Dylan can really give some wicked head. She tightly holds her lips around his cock while pumping her head back and forth. Soon enough her hot pussy is aching for a hard cock and she needs fucked by the MILF Hunter!

milfhunterpic Dylan Ryder on MILF Hunter!

MILFHunter finds a sexy mom named Roxi in this video

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roxi milfhunter MILFHunter finds a sexy mom named Roxi in this video

Roxi is the newest MILF to get fucked by the MILF hunter. Most of the girls on MILF Hunter are doable but this one is extra sexy. I like petite chicks with big tits and Roxi definitely qualifies. She has a quality whore tan and a dirty look about her that make her even sexier. She knows how to fuck too but she looks a little scared in this video. I think this is the first time she had made a porno.

Blonde Milf Dia

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We all know that the Hunter does not really dress up. He does not have to with his skills. He does get invited to places that are a little more dressy then usual. I got him a designer to help him out. Dia knows what to wear and how to wear it. It did not take long after Sean tried on some things to get her all worked up.

1 Blonde Milf Dia

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Milf India

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18 Milf India

What a day to go to the store. India was shopping and everybody else was dropping. I think she out grew her dress from high school becuase her ass was hanging out for everyone. Her body had the curves that intimidated the Hunter, and that is saying alot. Once he got over his fear of hieghts, he stepped to her. She recognized him right away because her and her husband are fans of the site….

Phoenix Marie

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17 Phoenix Marie

The Hunter was really excited about getting his suit hemmed for this wedding crasher idea he had. Phoenix came recommended from a buddy of his, so we knew it was gonna be an interesting time. She shows up. WOW. This woman was bad. Great big tits and long legs with ass to boot. Came on in and asked the Hunter to strip. Haha. Amazing. This was gonna get fun quick. While measuring the waistline, Phoenix almost catches a mouthful. She smiled.

Horny Milf Hunted

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16 Horny Milf Hunted

We were looking for a place to park to go check out the beach when we came arcoss a sexy vixen with a broken down car. We were not sure untill we pulled up next to her if she was a fifty yard fake outor not. She is definitely a hottie. Her lazy ass husband did not want to help so we did instead. Hunter knows just about everybody in town. He called a buddy to pick the car up while we waited at our spot with a great up skirt view… icon smile Horny Milf Hunted

Sexy Milf Gianna gets hard fucked

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15 Sexy Milf Gianna gets hard fucked

We almost had the ultimate milf mission. we were chillin drinking some drinks whenthese 3 stewardesses start trying to talk to us. They were totally down and a littlebuzzed but as soon as i mentioned the camera they were out. So i had to go backto the drawing board. Luckily for me a bombshell milf passed by and i sat down tohear her story. I didn’t pay attention at all but i did get her to come back to thepad.

Sexy Blonde Milf Brenda

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14 Sexy Blonde Milf Brenda

I wanted to decorate my new condo so I called this super hot interior decorator, Brenda. As soon as she came through the door I knew we werent going to get anything done. All I wanted to do was shove my cock into her interior. I think the only decorating that took place was me putting my patented hunter pinstripe across her face.

Horny Blonde Milf Lita

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13 Horny Blonde Milf Lita

there goes the neighborhood. you can not put a milf like this on the same block as the hunter. i can smell a milf like this from miles away…just 100% hot aged pussy. I FUCKIN’ LOVE IT!we took her back to the milf pad and showed her what any good neighbor would, a throbbing hard cock.this milf was the BEST of all time. i mean a mom like this has an unparalleled appetite for sex and you wouldn’t believe…